Access Control

Central Station
communication out to the Door and Gate Intercom Stations Two-Way communication from Central Base Station out to the Door & Gate Stations

  • Two-Way communication with the Door Stations

  • Rath Base Station utilized by facility Office or Security staff

  • Command Station can be wall or desk mounted

  • Communication can occur in building, across town or across the country

  • Door Stations can be connected to optional strobe or siren for warehouse applications
Door Station
(With Video)

Door Station (With Video)
Door Entry

Door Entry Lockset
Gate Station
(With Video)

Gate Access (With Video)
  • Our Access Control IP Intercoms can either be ordered as a complete system or as a stand alone unit reporting back to a front office phone:
    • If ordered as a system, it requires either a 2-wire or Ethernet connection back to the Base Station

    • If ordered as a stand alone unit, it requires either a standard POTS or PBX phone line or Ethernet connection back to a front office phone

  • Access Control IP Intercoms can incorporate 180 view Video and the Video feed will require either an Ethernet connection or a coaxial cable run back to a desktop monitor

  • Access Control Intercoms are perfect for regulating access to your buildings and grounds and can also be set to release a door lock with a relay trip